HUARA is a portuguese shoes brand that have limited edition collections with an unexpected design submersed in a totally vintage vibe which affirm the personality of each person.

Huaras are made by weaved leather straps. They are handmade, so each pair has unique features. All imperfections are genuine, which makes them authentic and perfect in its own imperfection.

Each pair takes about 4-5 hours to be produced with the secular technique and knowledge that only our Mexican artisans can reproduce.

Our mission is to make a fusion between this handcraft technique and fashion design, introducing with great taste, new styles and colors.

Additionally, we are proud to respect the roots of this secular tradition, helping in spreading and giving due recognition to our artisans.

Huaras are not just another pair of shoes, they are personality, a "statement", a lifestyle!
Huaras are that piece of your look that will highlight your sense of style
and your own identity, from formal to the laid-back-cool style.

They will last until you get tired of them and fall in love with another Huaras!